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what happened BC (before Covid)

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

February 2020

I had been selected to show my work at Metalandsmith a trade show held in Manhattan.

The show was a success for me as my collection was selected to be represented in one of the most prestigious galleries in the US.

The Plumbottom gallery in Wisconsin.

The one of a kind pieces will be available in June.

April 2020

This was a great surprise in April, this beautiful magazine made its way to my mailbox and in it my one of a kind cuff with a rose cut aquamarine, an enormous baroque pearl and 2 mystic topazes. All in sterling silver bent wires.

INSTORE MAGAZINE Is the most prestigious trade magazine in the United states.

"the magazine for the American jewelry store owner"

It is always a pleasure to see one of my pieces in a printed magazine!

In March, I was asked to be a judge for a high end show in NY!

It was on Zapp, I had the pleasure to see all the applicants, from leather goods to prints to oil paintings to jewelry. It was a treat and loved to be asked to be part of this panel of judges.

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