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On our way to New York!

Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed, the shop is still not really open...the reason for this is that the Florida tour this year was extremely busy, with that many many pieces have found great homes! we are very happy as we have developed new relationships with awesome people like you.

Having said that, right after the last show, I created four new collections!! Yes! and so happy to have found the energy and creativity to do so.

The timing was perfect, a little downtime with the transition from Florida to New York.

Here are the 4 collections:





Architectonic is a collection of linear, bold, built pieces with geometric shapes interlocking and always adorned with gem stones.

the gem stones are a little different than the one I have been using in that they are cabochons or slices, and are bezel set.

Aquatica is the collection influenced by my florida surroundings! water, waves, sand, the pieces are water related, from coral designs in metal to mermaid hints! always adorned with amazing vibrant AAA quality gem stones.

Nexus is a combination of links intertwined and presented as long lariats, necklaces and always with very small white topaz.

Stipule and Moss, this collection is the more whimsical collection of my trees, flowers and everything that may sprout! it is elegant, fresh and such a different direction for me.

Voila! So with that, our first show in the northeast is Memorial day weekend and that is right around the corner. I cannot place all these pieces on the website, in the shop. BUT as promise, I will from time to time place some of the pieces on line.

As you know my pieces are now limited editions so I will be making them in groups of 20 and hope that will be enough to go around!

So I wish all my collectors in the south a great season and already looking forward to see you in a few months and I am looking forward to see all of you in the northeast! ( you know who you are) :)

So be well, enjoy your pieces and as always take care of yourselves.

MariePierre and Emmanuel

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