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The 2018/2019 Florida tour!

Well, this year as many of you already know, we will not be participating in the Bryant Park Holiday fair in New York city.

This year and for the next year, we have been grateful for having been accepted to great Art shows in Florida.

We have started our great tour with a beautiful venue in Fort Lauderdale where I was able to introduce my work to many great collectors and made so many new friends. This is what "Art sharing" is all about! As an artist, one can only grow with input, feedbacks and by exploring a new territory.

The hardest part about being here is that the holidays are not really registering yet.

The weather and the flip flop wearing making it almost impossible to think Thanksgiving and or Christmas...But we are getting ready to introduce our new line of amazing rings and pendants, on our website in a couple of weeks.

We will be missing all of you! but hope that you will find us and reach out for the gift to that special person in your life! Be well and looking forward to see you at our shows.

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