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About Mount Gretna this year!

After being part of the Mount Gretna Fine Art festival for 8 years, this year I have not been selected to be part of this amazing venue.

As you know me and my work, you know that I always try to bring my most amazing art pieces to all of you my patrons (and friends). This year has been completely amazing for me and my work, winning a "best of show" award at one of the many great shows in Florida.

So I do not want to miss you at Mount Gretna on August 18 and 19 so I decided to join the Summer craft market in Soldiers field during the same time as the Mount Gretna show.

I could not, not show you all my amazing new pieces that I created! so I hope that you will join me, cross the street and come and see me! I will have more information on this show in the coming weeks!

Thank you for being such incredible art lovers and collectors and see you soon! Marie-Pierre

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