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Our last show in Florida.

Naples Florida will be the last show for us in the sunshine State! We have had a great response to our collection! We were thrilled to be part of the greatest shows here in Florida and to add so many new friends to the MP collection family!

Thank you for all the compliments on our display's new look!

We will be heading out to the Northeast in a couple of months where incredible shows are waiting for us and among them the Lincoln Center show in Manhattan! hope to see you all there!

So if you are wondering what will we be doing between now and May, here is the answer. We are creating new pieces, carving away new waxes!

Here is an example of my new bracelet!!!

I just love this piece! It is presented here with two white topazes but will be available with all amazing stones.

That bracelet took a long time for me to put together, it has a hinge which made that piece technically challenging! But I love a new challenge! so here it is and it looks beautiful on! Sorry ladies but for now there is just one available and it is mine!

So please come and see us when you are in the area!


Marie-Pierre and Emmanuel

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