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Commissioned work

Marie-Pierre Designed and manufactured an entire line of sterling silver jewelry collection to be sold in Barbara Palacios (Miss Universe 1986) Stores in the United states.
Marie-Pierre was chosen to create an entire line of jewelry in sterling silver for the Actress Pamela Anderson to be distributed under the Pamela Anderson's name.
Marie-Pierre has created an entire line of sterling silver jewelry for the Paule Marrot house of distribution.
The line was sold in the United States and Europe.
Paule Marrot was a Parisian Textile designer. Her lyrical floral work adorned the halls of the Kennedy white house.
From 2007 to 2018 MariePierre Collection
had a retail Pop up store in Manhattan.
For the Christmas season for the entire months from October thru December in the iconic Bryant Park.
(view pictures of the store over the years)
click here.
The store provided an amazing outlet for a worldwide distribution on a retail level.
visitors, collectors alike purchased MariePierre's unique designs.
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